Ashanti Gold and the new direction

Is it a great time to be a fan of the Miners? The answer is affirmative. It’s my hope coach Roberto Landi joins us in Obuasi to begin training with the team ahead the new league season and continental competition.

Daniel Bioh – Head of Comms and Secretary, AshantiGold

Head of communications and secretary of AshantiGold – Daniel Bioh(DB) in an interview yesterday with home-based Sikapa FM shared light on the direction and target of the team after last week’s board meeting.

We were in fine form and 6th on the league log before the truncation of the 2019/2020 season. And it was the target of the team to win either the FA Cup or league title. And it’s the target to reach the group stage and ultimately advance to the semifinals of the confederation Cup 2020/20221.

He said “complacency” was the reason we were kicked out of the CAF Confederation Cup after conceding two goals to R. S. Berkane at the Len Clay taking an early two-goal lead.

Transfers and Recruitments

DB stated the medical assessment of the team will see some players exiting the club. However, these were some names joining the Miners camp.

• Nathniel Asamoah

• Hans Kwofie

• Dacosta Boadu

• Jacob Aseidu Appau

• Yaw Annor

• Samed Mohammed

Michael Lanu

On James Akaminko and Latif Anabila:

DB – ” We met (Former CEO and DB) with James about a contract extension but the player indicated his focus on the league and would want to complete the season before the talks. With Anabila, progress were made to the documentation stage before he indicated to finish the season before proceeding further.

On Shafiu Mumuni

DB: Shafiu must be applauded by every supporter for his contributions over the years since he joined the club in 2012. There’s a management decision to be made and it shows the player will want to take another challenge outside the shores of Ghana


The Miners are presently in talks with two corporate bodies for sponsorship and all details will be shared if the process is ironed out.

iGimel is AshantiGold’s new kit sponsor and their package to the team according to DB was much lucrative to the team than others that came.

Lastly, on supporters, DB said there’s been perceived challenge between the management and supporters. The CEO tried meeting the supporter’s leadership but unfortunately the board meeting on Friday put things to a halt and we look forward to meeting supporter leadership at a scheduled date.

I entreat every supporter to get their 2020/2021 season replica when they come out.

PS: The playing team will have their coronavirus test tomorrow.

Rumblings Around The Len Clay

Dusting my lens and having a test shoot around the Len Clay, my focus catches some nasty news in the media. Ridiculous, and makes me not to want to stop my lens from capturing this activity.

It’s sad watching from afar how affairs are being ruined by management and making a mockery of the club in public.

I have been talking about the tumbling standards of my childhood club Ashanti Gold Sporting Club for a while. If you’ve followed me for a while on this blog and social media, you’d have certainly come across either my rants or celebratory tweets.

The news of Mr. Fredrick Acheampong’s (Achee, former CEO) resignation didn’t come as a shock to me. Observing the cold relationship between the CEO and Club President on match days at the Len Clay, it was an amusing hearing Achee resigned. Fast forward, Emmanuel Frimpong, son of club President appointed as CEO.

Picture credit: Pinterest

My Concerns

There is this perception flying in the media that fans of Ashanti Gold are not empathizing with Champion and supporting his vision for the club. But let me state emphatically that if club management makes it a deliberate to disgrace the supporters, don’t listen to their concerns but expect they cheer your vision regardless of the slap in the face you keep giving.

I love the club and wish to see it rise to the elite level on the continent. My only interest and benefit I derive as a fan are to be at the stadium, cheer my team and see them play to victory and living memories but to sit aloof and witness the toil of the Late Mike Thompson and Co. going to the gutters hurt my yellow and black soul.

Listening to both sides of the Shafiu brouhaha, that of the coach and CEO, I appreciate there’s a plot to kick the player out of the team by the management since they didn’t consult with the coach nor he(coach) didn’t consult with the technical staff present on this decision.

I ask, what’s the direction is this management taken the club? It seems to be blurry and without consensus-building between these parties, no vision is achievable since both balance each other out. Professionalism has been a trademark of the club and the supporters over the years have been exposed to proper structure and management systems. Such goofs raise questions of competency and delegation.

Management and board members of the club must be apt and proactive in the discharge of their duties to the club and Shafiu Mumuni is needed ahead of the new season and continental campaign.

Why should contracts of players be made to become void before thinking of an extension when we know, services of this player are needed? The 16th-century module of team management must be a thing of the 16th century and learn to be critical, diligent and respectful to our partners(supporters) and employees(players)

A word to the wise is said to be in the North.

Nana Asabre

Reflections… Winter ABC 2020

It’s 22nd day of the challenge and it’s the final day. It’s being an amazing virtual engagement of creatives from across our homeland. It’s been a time of learning, discovery and reflections.

Brought together by our love for writing. Let our pens and pencils be ready to document events, experiences, discoveries, and rewards. I say goodbye to the 2020 challenge and hopefully make a date with 2021.

From Ghana with love 💕

Nana Asabre (@obuasinii)

Of a life-changing event

About a week to Professor Kwesi Yankah’s Ogyakrom book launch, which documents Ghana in the days of June 4th uprising. Professor Yankah was then a pseudo writer who chronicled events in the Catholic Standard Newspaper.

He’s presently the Minister of State in charge of tertiary education. In launching the book, we paid a courtesy visit to the then Head of State, Ghana’s first President of the 4th Republic, H. E. Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings and in about two and half hours of conversation, he talked about how his party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) lost the 2016 election. He’s the founder of the NDC.

From the left: Myself, PA of Professor Yankah, Professor Yankah, H. E. J. J. Rawlings, Richard Adjetey, Paul Osei, and Driver of Professor. We were the firm handling the organization of the event.

5 songs on my playlist

Music is an inspiration, it takes over the heart and mind of a person relative to the mood. I’m very particular about the songs and artiste I listen to for they have an influence on us to a degree and I’m going to share a blend of Ghanaian and Nigerian music and why I love them.

Forget Dem by M.anifest

The lyrical prowess of this artist has got me hooked to his music like an intravenous. The chorus of this song a motivation and a call not to rush in life but take life without competition. “If you were born to slay elephants, don’t get hurt over a rat” paraphrasing the chorus.

How far by M3nsa

In this song M3nsa speaks about the Ghanaian people looking for a saviour outside ourselves and why we need to be vocal on our issues and not sit down like we are dumb. It’s a song that raises the conscience of its listeners for a better Ghana.

No Borders Wanlov featuring Sho Madzoji

This song talks about the useless borders(imaginary lines) that have been a divisive mechanism to partition us. It’s a revolutionary song for the United States of Africa.

Collateral Damage – Burna boy

This is a song on Burna’s African Giant album that features Grammy award winner Angelique Kidjo, M.anifest, and lot more. This song also talks about the corruption in Africa by our politicians and the fear of citizens fighting for their rights.

Brown Paper Bag – Sarkodie featuring M.anifest

This song gets to me to a certain degree. As anti-imperialism, anticapitalist and a believer of Africa Must Unite agenda. The lyrics are the reason I love this song.

Kofi Asemsebe and the pot

The time came where we had to put everything to bed. It was a decider of who takes custody of this ancient family relic. It has been in the custody of the state and it was time to pass it on as customs demanded.

Efie kanea, who is the oldest female of the family selects one of her grandchildren to entrust this family relic which is believed to hold the core of the family. Kofi Asemsebe was chosen by Efie Kane and given the pot of gold and jewelry.

By the time I woke up, I was dying of laughter and great joy knowing the universe and my forebears were in sync with my thoughts.

On day 18, we write a story with the line “by the time I woke up, I was dying of…

Nana Asabre (@obuasinii)

Of Current Affairs

The animal kingdom decided to engage in subsistence farming. Each animal has to fence it’s territory. One decided not to and was summoned. Asked why he haven’t fenced his garden? His answer was I have fenced my garden with my name. It wasn’t the elephant 🐘, monkey 🙊, snake 🐍 but lion 🦁.

Voters register has been a bone of contention. This year, an election year, you guessed right, it is a wahala. But now, it’s matters are before apex court for consensus and clarity.

Nana Asabre (@obuasinii)

Of Tyrants and Nonconformist

In my head, the question about “Freedom and Justice” went a marathon, as I stared at the fifty pesewas coin three days ago sitting on the couch. My thoughts began to process what the true essence of this phrase to the Ghanaian.

In the Akan parlance, democracy is referred to as ‘kabi na me nso nka bi‘; which literally translate ‘have your say, let me have my say’, but in a nutshell refers to our collective contribution but then, on the ground, this becomes an imaginative reality.

In the words of Abraham Lincoln, who’s description of democracy is often taught in our schools described democracy as a system of government of the people, by the people and for the people. But do you mind who “people” in this context was and wasn’t?

If Lincoln was alive today, he would have experienced how flawed the description is in today’s world. Or maybe, it was defined in a particular context my “unexpert” mind hasn’t grasped. Ever since I began to educate myself on the political sphere of Ghana, democracy like any partisan political campaign mantra, is nonexistent. And these below outlined reasons are my foundation points.

Widening of inequality gap

As a matter of fact, I have come to appreciate and enroll in the school of thought that democracy is an enterprise founded by capitalism and it thrives on deplacement of people and wealth disposition of the masses. Basic economics shows the main factors of production to be land and labour. However, we are often reminded that government is a bad manager when it comes to business and our lands and resources are left in the hands of the ones with ‘capital’. We lose hold of the land on which we gain shelter, food, mineral wealth, water then tend to ply our labour for our survival rather than our sovereignty.

Rise of Injustice

The death of a legislator is unsolved, the demise of an investigative journalist unsolved neither is the disappearance of the Takoradi girls. The silencing of the people is a recipe of injustices. The current happening with Ernersto Yeboah is a case of injustice. The billions lost in embezzlement of state funds and not a hen behind bars as a testimony to our pursuit of JUSTICE

Peace loving Ghanaians, Freedom hating Ghanaians

One superficial commodity often sold to us, as a people is the fact that “we are peace loving”. This is a message largely propagated by religious leaders and political actors. We are getting comfortable with the status quo and how dare we to rise for change or transformation if we see nothing wrong with everything. For the love of peace we enjoy, not the freedom we desire to have as a nation, directly or indirectly asserts the TRUE significance of the meaning of Freedom and Justice in the Ghanaian reality.

Citizen participation in today’s demonstration of craze as Fela Kuti rightly puts it, is shorthanded and of a powerless foundation. Representatives of the people are representatives of the colours, cults, sects first. Arise African Youth for your country!

Nana Asabre (@obuasigold)

Let’s talk about this culture

There was this circumstance that I was confronted with and it is a culture in the Ghanaian social setting I’d want us to discuss. I don’t know of other African countries. Kindly share if there are similar cultures in your country.

It was around 8 pm on a Saturday even drinking beer with a friend and talking about oiling production in Ghana with a couple of friends and there was this elderly man sitting a few tables away eavesdropping on our conversation.

I talked about seeing an oil field at Saltpond (Central region) in 2007 when I visited my paternal home. I came to realize that oil production began in 1970. This is a brief history of the Saltpond oil field. In 1976, it was cited as non-commercial by Amoco and relinquished its concession. The elderly man, without a counter proof, dismissed what I was saying. And said “When were you born? I came into this world before you did”

Thanks to technology, Anokye ( a friend) did a quick google search and read out to the hearing of everybody. And it authenticated what I said earlier, about the oil field I saw at Saltpond.

The culture of the elderly knowing better because of their ages is one interesting and stressful thing one endure growing up in Ghana.

Is that the came in other African countries? Share your experiences if you have had such moments.

It’s day 14 of Afrobloggers Winter ABC Challenge and today’s focus is on culture.

Nana Asabre (@obuasigold)

Of one notable African

I’m struggling! Struggling to settle on just one. Can I get a table for five please? I’d have wanted to have this session with Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Frances Welsing, and Dr. Walter Rodney. These are individuals that have had a direct impact on my Afrikan worldview and their works have and still impacting more people. In these times is prudent for Africans globally to UNITE or keep crying on our knees.

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah is the person I will want to meet and these are my reasons :

Source: Pinterest

• He is a proposer of African Unity, a Pan – African who knew there was no way forward was Africa to unite politically, militarily and economically. For Africa to take control of her resources, tangible and intangible, material and nonmagerialistic in every facet of our socioeconomic and sociopolitical affairs. He was reasonable and provocateur for the betterment of all Africans not just a few like it’s seen today all over our homelands.

• Kwame Nkrumah on the eve of Ghana’s independence said “the independence of Ghana is meaningless unless it’s linked with the total liberation of the African continent” there is a genuine call for Africa’s freedom for every African globally to play a part in the liberation of Africa from the clutches of imperialism. He was a visionary and I would want to take a pinch of it.

Nana Asabre (@obuasigold)

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