There are lots of places to visit in Ghana. Aside welcoming and hospitable the country and the people are. Ghana is beautiful. Ghanaians are beautiful 😍.

Welcome to Nzulezo, a town sitting 5 ft above lake Tadane in the Western region. Nzulezo is a UNESCO Heritage site under the cultural section for its contribution to anthropology and being one of the few remaining structures of this nation. Nzule (water) zo (on) – Nzema language.

Nzulezo – Photo by Google

The 64 hectares of various flora and other plants commissioned on March 1890. A place to enjoy nature and get away from noise from the big cities.

Aburi Botanical Gardens – Photo by Google

Elmina castle, located on the coastline of the Gulf of Guinea, was built by the Portuguese in 1482. It was a slave castle where Africans were kept before being transported to the Americas and Europe.

Elmina Castle – Photo by Google

Chalewote is a street art festival where music, dance and art converge on the streets. It fuses art lovers from Ghana and beyond. You don’t want to miss #Chalewote2019. Get more information here

There lots and lots other amazing places to visit.

  • Kankum National Park
  • Cape Coast Castle and other forts
  • Busua Beach
  • Mole National Park

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